Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy Fetus Day!

Well, I'm officially 10 weeks today which means that the Button can now officially be called a fetus. Happy Fetus Day, little one!

This pregnancy feels more real every day, and now that my first appointment is only a few days away I find myself thinking more and more about what ifs. What if I get to the appointment and things aren't okay? What if there's no heartbeat? I'm really not sure how I would cope with that. Mostly I just wish that I knew for sure one way or another. I'm not kicking myself for not accepting the appointment I was offered earlier this week, but I suppose I can wait another 5 days.

No more naval-gazing allowed tonight! I've now officially scared myself far more than I ever wanted to, and need to focus on something else. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Jules said...

Happy Fetus Day to you.

Jules xoxoxo

Andy said...

Congrats - what an exciting milestone! Go fetus!

Bea said...

Good luck for the scan. Always scary coming up to the next test.