Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Dance!

I cannot even tell you all how happy I am that today has come. Today marks the END of one of the worst classes I have ever had the displeasure of taking. I'm not joking when I said that every time I opened up the class website (online class, which should have been the first sign that it was going to be hellish) I actually groaned out loud. E-mails from the professor generally caused me to utter multiple four letter words, assignments made me feel like ripping my hair out, and I generally saw every day as a new opportunity to complain about something else I had to do for the class. Part of the reason why I haven't been posting much lately is that I've been in such a bad mood about the class that I didn't have much else to say except for "AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" on a daily basis.

But now it's over. I just submitted my final paper, and now I'm free as a bird! Well, a bird who has one (mostly good) class to finish and 9 weeks worth of lesson plans to write. Still, it's progress, and I hope to be back to more regular blogging soon.

Oh, and on a somewhat related note (related in that I'm happy about it) Juan is watching the last episode of Stargate: SG1 as I type. Let's just say that I never quite...appreciated this show the way he does, and I'm not exactly upset that it's ending. Sorry sweetie, I hope you find a new show that I actually like to replace this one!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Open Letter to the Weather Gods

Dear Weather Gods,

Have you been talking to my swamp coolers? Because, seriously, enough already. First there was the wind (unbelievable wind, nonstop, all week) and then the rain. Oh yes, the rain. You see, this is supposed to be the dry season. You know, part of the 11 months of the year when we don't see a drop of precipitation. While I wouldn't complain about the occasional light rainshower (note the emphasis on the word "light") I have to raise some objections to the massive downpour/hailstorm you sent my way this afternoon. In fact, the storm hit just as I was driving to the vet for the dog's appointment and mysteriously cleared up as soon as I left for home. Funny how that works, isn't it?

The story doesn't stop there, though. Oh no, you decided to play one last trick on me today. See, the whole city didn't actually get rain. The East side? Check. Central? Check. West side? Eh, mostly. The one part of town that is still bone dry? The part where I live. That's right, I still have to pay $$$ this week to water my lawn just so it doesn't dry to a crisp. This, while the rest of the city is practically underwater.

You are cruel, Weather Gods, and I'm not pleased at all with you at the moment.



P.S. Oh, and if you thought that I hadn't noticed that my estimated due date happens to be exactly a year and a day after the flooding started last year. You pull that crap again and we WILL have problems.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Open letter to my swamp coolers

Dear Swamp Coolers,

Why do you hate me? Is it because J and I frequently talk about replacing you with refrigerated air? Is it because we didn't replace the winter covers after they blew off in February? Is it because you think I need to clean the house more often? I really can't figure out why you have such a vendetta against me, but you clearly do because you broke last week and then broke again today.

Seriously, what's the deal? Do I need to spend all my time scrubbing the kitchen? Swear up and down that the refrigerated air talk will stop? Sacrifice a goat? Please, just tell me and stop randomly breaking. I just can't handle any more days like this!



Saturday, June 09, 2007

Holy baby explosion, Batman!

So, we went shopping today. To Babies R Us. And, well, there was a coupon. And some gift cards. And maybe we got a little carried away. Two hours later, our car was full to the brim with baby gear and we were significantly poorer. The nursery is shaping up nicely, though!

Pictures to come--we still have a bit of cleaning and assembling to do!

In other news, J graduated from internship today (WOO HOO!) and was named Internal Medicine Intern of the Year! He found out about it yesterday morning but let me be surprised when the award was actually announced. I was so surprised that I forgot to take a picture of him accepting the award, though. I'm pretty proud of him--he's worked so hard this year, and it's wonderful to see him get recognized for it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back from the land of fry sauce and green Jell-o

I just got home from my last-vacation-before-baby trip to Salt Lake, and I had a great time with my family and old friends. It was the first time I'd been back since getting pregnant, and my mom and sister threw me a wonderful baby shower. Most of the guests were family friends who've known me since I was little, and one had even been a guest at the shower my mom's old job threw when she was pregnant with me. My parents certainly know how to maintain friendships!

It was strange to be the guest of honor at a baby shower. I avoided them like the plague while we were still trying to conceive, and as much fun as it was to play games and open box after box of adorable baby clothes and blankets, part of me felt very uncomfortable. Even at 32 weeks, I still can't quite believe that I'm going to be a mom soon and that infertility is (at least for the time being) behind me.

In any case, I'm home again now and starting to tackle all of my summer projects. Why do vacations make everything feel so discombobulated? I spent way too much time just playing catch-up this morning and I still feel like I'm out of the loop on everything. The house needs to be cleaned, laundry has to be done, and all the tasks (little and big) I deliberately put off until after I got back seem totally overwhelming at the moment. I hope other people feel this way right after they get home from a trip--it seems crazy to be disoriented like this after just a few days away.

On a related note, one of our swamp coolers broke last night. A belt (or something) snapped, which means that it's completely broken at the moment. Given that it's around 100 degrees outside right now, the remaining swamp cooler really isn't cooling the house very well. Guess my smug comment that I was going to spend the rest of the summer parked underneath one of the a/c vents came back to bite me. Send us lots of easy-to-fix vibes tonight, since J is going to try to get the swamp cooler back up and running once he gets home from work tonight.