Friday, February 16, 2007

How to freak out my dog

Step 1: Husband gets brilliant idea to use new camcorder to take video of my belly in a vain effort to persuade the world that I am, in fact, pregnant.

Step 2: Have equally brilliant idea to include dog in video since, well, he's cute.

Step 3: Take video that consists entirely of self asking dog where the baby is over and over again until he tries to see if I have a treat in my hand. At this point, make a bizarre snorting/laughing sound that will doubtless be mocked by family and friends who receive said video.

Step 4: Hook camcorder up to computer to view video and completely mess with the dog's head when my voice comes out of somewhere that is clearly not my mouth.

Step 5: Dog totally freaks out about the entire situation and proceeds to race around the room until he is forcibly held down by self and husband to get a calming belly rub.

Step 6: Realize that this scene will be repeated many, MANY times in the future when we actually make home movies and show them on the TV. Groan.


M said...

Wait until the actual baby gets there! I hope you have friends with some small children to acclimate him before your arrival. I strongly recommend 'Child Proofing Your Dog' by Brian Kilcommons if you're looking for a good book on the subject.

The Town Criers said...

Ha--and I wonder how the baby will react when he/she sees the dog on the computer or the sound coming from somewhere other than the dog!

Anns said...

I'm curious as to whether your computer is a flat screen and as to the age of your dog! (I know --- what?). I have 2 dogs, 1 is 11, the other is just over a year. My puppy *loves* anything flat screen (TV, computer, you name it).. while my older dog (my true baby), doesn't acknowledge their presence, regardless of what's on them!

I saw a documentary recently about this and was amazed to see it happen in my house... youngers dogs are "keeping up w/ the times" and enjoying HD and flat screens.

Just a thought!
PS: Love ur bump!