Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wait, didn't I just have a vacation?

Seriously, I need another week off. This week has been nothing but workworkworkworkwork, and it's only Wednesday. It's not just teaching, either, though trust me that it's been a massive struggle to get the kids to do anything other than stare blankly at the wall and drool this week. I've also had a boatload of work (including a MASSIVE research paper that came just on the heels of an even more massive midterm) for school, and knowing that there's still around a month left of my classes is making me feel overwhelmed and discouraged. I actually got to a point today where I called up a friend and fellow classmate in a dead panic becuase for some reason I'd managed to convince myself that I was doing my in-line citations (for the paper that was due tonight) incorrectly. The fact that I teach the research paper format and thus really do know how to do them didn't factor into the equation.

My last two pre-baby classes this summer cannot be this hard because if they are, I'm not going to make it.

The bottom line is that I'm really, really tired. I think part of it is that I'm sick at the moment, and I just don't do "sick" very well even when I'm not feeling totally overwhelmed by my life, so I have to place at least some of the blame on the fact that I feel like crap. I'm hoping to get an opportunity to really relax this weekend, but given that I have another research paper proposal due on Sunday, it may not happen.

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M said...

Welcome to the club of "Cutting Myself Some Slack." Soon you will be cutting yourself slack because you haven't slept for more than 2 continuous hours...then you can cut yourself slack b/c you have not one shirt that someone hasn't spit up on... and it might have been J, you never know. Seriously, its great fun. You'll never go back to taking yourself seriously again. :) Take it easy and don't feel bad!