Friday, December 21, 2007

Everything but the kitchen sink

Packing for our first trip away from home with Luke is...challenging. I'm fighting the urge to just throw every piece of clothing, toy, and baby accessory we own into his suitcase to cover all the bases, and clearly that isn't an option. Experienced mom packers, what's one thing that you wished you had brought with you on your child's first overnight trip?


Bea said...

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and good luck!


M said...

A night light.

And I wished I would have only brought enough toys for the toys for being there b/c Grandmas just can't help themselves and there are always toys there.

Also, a bottle of water will get you through spills, emergency pacifier cleanings in the airport, thirsty parenting moments and many other "emergencies"...but not through airport security!

I was just thinking of doing a post on this topic! Good luck and we are looking forward to seeing all the pictures.

Merry Christmas!