Monday, January 21, 2008

The joy of 5 months old

Five months old has been very good to us so far. Luke is finally on something that resembles a nap schedule AND he put himself to sleep at naptime for the FIRST TIME EVER this morning. It took a few minutes of fussing and a dozen or so replacements of the pacifier after he ripped it out of his mouth so he could yell a bit, but finally he just rolled over, closed his eyes, and is now out like a light.

He's not quite able to sit up on his own yet, but with a little assistance from a Boppy pillow he can stay up for quite awhile. His tummy muscles are clearly able to support sitting, it's just his balance that's a bit iffy still. He's not tripoding much, but I think that in the next few weeks he'll figure that out.

His favorite toy is still his Exersaucer (though Juan thinks it's encouraging his ADD side since sometimes he'll play with each toy for 15 seconds before spinning to the next--I think it's hysterical) and we're going to have to increase its height pretty soon since he's almost too tall for the lowest setting. Anything that involves standing (while supported) is a big hit, which is probably why he's still wobbly while sitting--it's difficult to get him to want to sit some days!

We were at Costco on Saturday since I had an eye appointment, and I can't even tell you how many people came up to me and commented on what a happy little boy Luke seemed to be. And it's true--he's just the smiliest, silliest, most content baby I've ever met. He loves interacting with people but is generally okay to be by himself too. He's not showing much stranger anxiety yet (though we think it's coming soon based on a few experiences he's had recently with new people when he's tired) and flirts shamelessly with other babies and big kids when we're out and about. When we're in the car he mostly sleeps or sits quietly looking out the window. Gone are the days when he'd just scream and scream in his carseat--he still doesn't like being buckled in, but once he's there he's happy as a clam.

Overall, five months seems pretty good, and that makes me extraordinarily happy. Every month I think that things can't get much better, that he can't get any cuter, and then he does. It's amazing. I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet to have gotten such a wonderful little boy as my son.

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