Sunday, September 28, 2008

Six Random Things

M over at Toneybabies tagged me for a meme (and my husband kindly reminded me to actually write it) detailing six random things about myself. So, without further ado...

1) I love Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series, but I will hunt down and kill anyone who reveals this fact to my students or coworkers. I have a certain amount of street cred to uphold as an English teacher, which means I live a literary double life on school days. Shhhh!

2) I will be very disappointed if my former classmates drop the ball and decide not to hold a 10 year high school reunion this summer. While I do keep in close touch with most of my good friends from high school there are a few people I've lost track of and I'd love to see them again. I'm also morbidly curious about how certain people I wasn't exactly fond of back then have turned out.

3) All of the artwork on my walls is from Target. That fact ought to embarrass me, but strangely enough it doesn't. That's how much I love Target.

4) We're planning to put our house on the market this week and (unsurprisingly) I'm pretty depressed about it.

5) Work drama is insane right now and one of the reasons I haven't been posting much is that I know I can't discuss it here. Suffice it to say, the first 5 weeks of my final year at this school have been more eventful than the last two years put together.

6) One of my worst housekeeping habits is that I leave my shoes EVERYWHERE. It's driven Juan crazy for years (generally because he tends to trip over them) but nothing has made me change my ways until now. See, lately Luke has declared himself the house shoe police, and anytime he finds a pair of my shoes lying around the living room/kitchen/TV room/any other room you can think of he picks them up and follows me around with them until I put them on. Thus, after repeatedly donning peep-toe pumps while wearing ratty sweats and ballet flats with my pajamas I've decided to be a grown up and put my shoes away in the closet every night.

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