Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Never blog about work

Okay, so this is basically rule #1 of blogging. You don't blog about your job unless you're willing to lose said job over the things you write. I've always tried to follow this rule, especially since I started teaching, therefore I won't go into details about what's happening with my job at the moment except to say that hearing "Oh, don't worry about it" after receiving two very disturbing pieces of information this week isn't exactly making me a happy camper today. I love my job. I love teaching, love my students, and really do love my school. That said, I don't love how they're handling my absence at the moment, and I'm more than a little anxious about how things are going to pan out while I'm gone.

Now here's a cute baby picture to make me feel better about not being able to blog about my job.


Anonymous said...

Oh, good- he's doing that thing where he sticks out his tongue at you, if you do it first.
At day 10- (hope we haven't missed it) put him on your knee and rock him back and forth. That will make him a great dancer when he's older!! Ha- it worked for my No. 1 son! With No. 2 son we forgot- and it shows!!

All best. Shauna

M said...

If you blog about your job, calling your superiors absolutely horrid names to the point that they consider suing you for libel I hear you can get an interview with Redbook. Then you can keep being completely rude and crazy on your blog and sell enough AdSense to support your family... Oh wait, maybe that only works once. Sorry, Dooce took your new job.

Sorry to hear there is unrest! Luke is still adorable, so that is a nice consolation prize.