Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ahead of the game's not normal for a 3-week old to be holding up his head on his own, right? Because my baby is HOLDING UP HIS HEAD ON HIS OWN!

We're all a bit freaked out by this over here even though he's been showing signs of having abnormally good muscle development in his neck since he day 1. Still, when I walked into the family room this afternoon and saw him holding his head up for over 30 seconds (completely unassisted) while my dad was playing with him, I couldn't quite believe it.

In other news, Luke had his first bath last night, and while I'm not going to post the pictures (he will be a teenager one day after all) I'll tell you that he did great and didn't cry or scream at all. We could immerse him in water every day of the week as far as he's concerned, that's how much he enjoyed himself. Hopefully he'll continue to enjoy bathtime when it's just him and me rather than him, me, my parents, and J. It's far easier to deal with a squirmy, slippery, screaming baby when you have backup than it is when you're by yourself.

One thing I won't mind at all if he does early? Sleep through the night. He was up every other hour last night and I've felt like death warmed over all day as a result. Poor J had to go to work after that night, though, so he wins for feels-most-like-crap today.

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