Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hold onto your hats (errrr...nunchucks)

Remember all those news stories about people throwing Wii remote nunchuck controllers that came out a couple years ago? Remember laughing hysterically at the thought of perfectly capable, competent adults getting so involved in a video game that they actually threw the game through their TV? Well, Juan almost did that tonight, only instead of throwing it through the television he managed to almost break his elbow and the remote at the same time after swinging it a little too close to my armchair during a rousing game of Wii Bowling. He bowled, connected with the chair, the nunchuck went flying (it landed behind the dog's crate) and a number of curse words were yelled rather loudly while he clutched his elbow.

So, the moral of the story is: use the little rubber handgrip things that come with your Wii remote so it doesn't get broken if you happen to hurl it into space while playing. Also, don't gloat over your wins at Wii Tennis and Baseball after doing something like hurling your Wii remote into space while playing or else your wife might blog about it.


M said...

LOLAJ - that's my new text version of "Laughing out loud at Juan." I think it will come in quite handy.

Anonymous said...