Saturday, March 08, 2008

Please skip if you have a weak stomach

Jasper had a grooming appointment this morning, so Luke and I got up, dressed, and ready to go fairly quickly compared to most Saturdays. I left Jas outside for awhile figuring that he'd be cooped up indoors enough today what with the hair cutting and drying, but what I didn't figure on was that he'd find poop to roll around in while he was out there.

Poop. All over the dog. ALL OVER THE DOG. This was no little poop he picked, and he was quite literally covered from head to paw.

After spending several minutes covering the baby's ears while I cursed whatever gods decided to ruin my morning, I decided that A: we didn't have enough time to hose him off before going to PetSmart, and B: I'm paying the groomer good money to wash my dog, so they might as well earn it! I covered the passenger seat of my car with a sheet, said a few prayers, and drove like a maniac before the smell made me puke.

Naturally there was a line to check in when I arrived, and naturally I got dirty looks from all the other pet owners whose clean dogs wanted nothing more than to rub up against my unbelievably filthy one. I wanted to explain to everyone that this literally JUST happened right before we left for the groomer, but figured that a quick dropoff and exit was my best bet. After apologizing profusely to the groomer (and making a mental note to tip her extra when I go back this afternoon) Luke and I practically ran out of the store. Ugh. I'm sure they're making a note in our file as I type "Owner brought dog in covered in poop, charge her double next time" and I can hardly blame them.

Of course, it could have been a lot worse. He could have rolled in the poop right after he was groomed.


Juan said...

This is quite amazing, seeing as I raked the yard last weekend. Damn that dog. Which is worse, rolling in the poop or eating it? (he does both)

M said...

OMG...I am seriously dying of laughter. Considering I'm in the middle of composing "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" of Truman, I can really sympathize.

Sometimes you really start to wonder why we share our lives with these creatures! Of course, then they do something that reminds you.

Thanks for sharing! Its nice to know this doesn't only happen to me.

Kathleen said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I am SO sorry!!! That sounds awful...and yet it's one of those stories that is kind of funny at the same time.

I really hope your day is going better!