Friday, April 11, 2008

Moot Point

Well, it seems as though Luke read my last post because he's been waking up at 2:30 for the last three mornings. Oh well, we'll get this "through the night" business down someday, I suppose.
In other news, I've been approached to maybe possibly teach AP English next year. Everything depends on what a couple of other teachers decide to do (one possibly retiring, one probably transferring to a different campus) but if the spot opens up it's mine. I'm afraid to get too excited about this because it's still very uncertain, but since I have to start doing prep work now if I'm going to be ready by next September it's been on my mind pretty much constantly since I found out about it on Monday. It would be huge for me to get this, not only because it would be an amazing challenge in and of itself, but because it will look really good on my resume when we move at some point in the next few years and I have to find another job.

Onward and upward on a number of fronts, it seems.

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Bea said...

Good luck with the position!