Sunday, January 29, 2006


About an hour after I posted we got a call from our realtor. Apparently the ad that was supposed to run in the Washington Post about our open house didn't make it in, so she wanted to know if we wanted to cancel it this weekend. I, in typical C fashion, didn't take that very well. This is the third appointment/open house that has been cancelled in the three weeks since we retained thisi realtor, and I was starting to get a wee bit pissed at her. Ultimately, we decided to have her come over and hope that the signs outside our building would bring people in. The husband and I headed out to a coffee shop, and killed a few hours reading.

Unsurprisingly, no one came, but just after we got home a realtor called wanting to show the place immediately. That'll make three people who've toured the place, which isn't too bad considering that it's been on the market for only a week.

In other annoying news, two weeks ago some asshole disabled the lock on the front door of our building, so anyone can just waltz in. We thought that we could fix it last night, so we went out there with a screwdriver and fiddled around for a few minutes. Couldn't fix it, but one of our neighbors came in while we were looking at it and concluded that WE must have been the ones to break the door.

Now, I can sort of understand why she might think that, but instead of asking us what we were doing, she went back to her unit, found the postcard that our realtor had mailed out earlier last week announcing that our place was on the market, and CALLED OUR REALTOR. When our realtor called us this morning to tell us about the advertising snafu, she mentioned this call that she'd gotten.

Now, first of all, who does that? Second, what the heck did this lady think that she would accomplish? Did she think our realtor would chastise us? Give us time out? Please. The woman works for us, she's not our mom. I could understand if wacko neighbor had reported it to he HOA, because it's a building safety issue, but what did she think the realtor was going to do about it? To add to the ridiculousness of the situation, she apparently came down to our open house today and talked to our realtor AGAIN. When the realtor explained what had actually happened, and told her that she'd noticed the broken door a couple of weeks ago, the lady apparently blew her off, saying that she knew we were the guilty ones.

I'll be interested to see if she ever actually asks us about it, or if she keeps harassing the realtor.

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