Tuesday, January 24, 2006


My name is C, I'm 24, married, and live in the Washington, DC metro area, though my husband and I will be moving to Texas this spring. I love books, white wine, cats, and (based on a survey of my closet this morning) pink shirts. I hate 7:00 in the morning, my commute, and inconsiderate people who ride the Metro.

I work in political consulting, though I'm considering going back to school to get licensed as a teacher when we move. I'd like to have a job I feel passionate about, and I think teaching just might be the ticket.

I titled my blog "This Sorta Fairytale" because while I do belive in happily ever after, I also believe that happiness isn't always quite as clear-cut as we wish it were. This is my life, a "sorta fairytale" that involves places I never thought I'd live, things I never thought I'd experience, a man I'm thankful every day that I married, and a wonderful group of family and friends who keep me going. Welcome!

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