Thursday, November 30, 2006

What the...

It's 26 degrees here this morning. TWENTY-SIX DEGREES! Brrrrrrrr! So much for an easy winter.

Codi's appointment is later this morning, and I'll post an update tonight. Thank you all who left well wishes for her in the comments on Tuesday.

Oh, and on a final (somewhat disjointed) note, does everyone see how effed up my template is now? I switched to Blogger Beta, and the navbar at the top looks like it's taking over my masthead when I open up the blog. Does it look this way to you guys? If so, I'll try to fix it over the weekend.

1 comment:

squarepeg said...

26? That's what it should be HERE (in CT). Instead it's a freakish 55 degrees. Global warming much?

And yes, unfortunately your nav bar is taking over your masthead. Have fun re-tooling the template :)