Sunday, June 10, 2007

Open letter to my swamp coolers

Dear Swamp Coolers,

Why do you hate me? Is it because J and I frequently talk about replacing you with refrigerated air? Is it because we didn't replace the winter covers after they blew off in February? Is it because you think I need to clean the house more often? I really can't figure out why you have such a vendetta against me, but you clearly do because you broke last week and then broke again today.

Seriously, what's the deal? Do I need to spend all my time scrubbing the kitchen? Swear up and down that the refrigerated air talk will stop? Sacrifice a goat? Please, just tell me and stop randomly breaking. I just can't handle any more days like this!




M said...

Oh, I am so sorry! Isn't home ownership grand?

Esther said...

But when they work, do they actually work well?

C said...

They do work (which is wonderful) but they're expensive as heck what with the price of water around here. They're also functional again--thankfully the last two malfuctions have been easy to fix, but I'm sure that the second I hit "publish" something major is going to break.

(knocks on wood)

jeneflower said...

I had swamp coolers growing up and I have to say that central air is better. We always had problems with them. But I loved that big fan blowing on me the minute I would come in from outside. I would just stand there in the hall beneath the swamp cooler forever.