Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Open Letter to the Weather Gods

Dear Weather Gods,

Have you been talking to my swamp coolers? Because, seriously, enough already. First there was the wind (unbelievable wind, nonstop, all week) and then the rain. Oh yes, the rain. You see, this is supposed to be the dry season. You know, part of the 11 months of the year when we don't see a drop of precipitation. While I wouldn't complain about the occasional light rainshower (note the emphasis on the word "light") I have to raise some objections to the massive downpour/hailstorm you sent my way this afternoon. In fact, the storm hit just as I was driving to the vet for the dog's appointment and mysteriously cleared up as soon as I left for home. Funny how that works, isn't it?

The story doesn't stop there, though. Oh no, you decided to play one last trick on me today. See, the whole city didn't actually get rain. The East side? Check. Central? Check. West side? Eh, mostly. The one part of town that is still bone dry? The part where I live. That's right, I still have to pay $$$ this week to water my lawn just so it doesn't dry to a crisp. This, while the rest of the city is practically underwater.

You are cruel, Weather Gods, and I'm not pleased at all with you at the moment.



P.S. Oh, and if you thought that I hadn't noticed that my estimated due date happens to be exactly a year and a day after the flooding started last year. You pull that crap again and we WILL have problems.

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