Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Day three and I'm still alive. Being back at work has been hard. It's not just leaving Luke (who is doing much better at taking bottles, by the way) but it's also the fact that teaching is physically exhausting even when I'm not operating on 4-5 hours of sleep a night. I'd sort of forgotten how much energy it takes to jump around a classroom keeping kids engaged for 8 hours a day, and especially given the situation I'm coming back to discipline-wise I can't slack at all while they're in the room.

Anyway, I'm tired and will be going to bed now even though tonight is the premiere of Project Runway ans I never miss Project Runway. Better to delay the first "make it work" of 2007 than end up passed out and drooling over my laptop.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading for a couple months, but this is my first comment. (On any blog. . .ever)

Congrats on (almost) making it through the week. One more day and then it's weekend fun with your precious baby.

kuri & ping said...

That's great that you've made it through the first week...hope the holidays have helped you re-energize and you are ready to go back tomorrow! :)