Monday, February 18, 2008

The delightful thing about being married to someone who majored in Biology

Him: "Hey, what's the name of this DVD you want me to rip?"


Me: "Jane Eyre"

Him: "Oh. How do you spell that?"

Me: (waits a minute to weigh the benefits of snarking him versus the very real possibility that he may refuse to finish making the DVD if I'm too snarky)

"J-a-n-e space E-y-r-e"

Him: "Shut up."

Me: (collapses in laughter)

Ah, love.


ewe are here said...

Oh dear.

But definitely worth having. So no snarking. ;-)

M said...

Hey, I sat next to that kid in several high school English classes and can attest to the fact that he should definitely know how to spell that!

Snark him on behalf of me.