Sunday, February 10, 2008

Six months!

Today is Luke's 6 month birthday and it's hard to believe how fast the last half year has gone by. At his appointment on Friday he was 25.59 in. long (25th percentile) and weighed 14.69 lbs. (10th percentile) so he's still a small boy, but one who's growing every day.

The big news out of the visit was that he's teething! Surprise! Juan and I had no idea he was so close to cutting teeth, but the doctor took one look at his gums and declared that both bottom teeth are "right there". Sure enough, you can easily see them when he opens his mouth wide (which he's refusing to do right now, otherwise I'd share a picture) and I can even feel the sharp ridge of the right one when I feel his gums. He's being a trooper about them even though they must be uncomfortable, and other than a low fever he's been running on and off this weekend he's his normal happy self.

He's very anxious to be on the go, and while crawling isn't happening yet he's found a very effective way to scooch around on his back. The cats are less than thrilled with this development, and while they'll still come near him when he's on the floor they've learned to stay attentive to how close he is to their tails.

We've also started to see some real stranger anxiety from him, which is a bit early but not wholly surprising. There doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern with who he decides he doesn't like, but mostly he seems to be more afraid of women than of men.

Overall, though, Luke continues to be the happiest, most easygoing baby I've ever known. Happy half-birthday, little boy!

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Bea said...

Sounds like great progress.