Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brief Codi Update

Codi went to the vet today and there was good news and bad news. The bad news is that the pleural effusion is back. This is the problem we originally took her in for, but isn't the one that landed her in critical condition for the better part of a week. The good news is that she's stable right now, can breathe without too much trouble, and it's very unlikely that she has cancer or heart failure. She may still have a heart problem, though, so if a course of medication doesn't clear it up by this time next week she'll probably need to have surgery. As scary as that might be, right now we're trying to stay positive about her prognosis and hope that the meds do what they're supposed to do.

In other news, my stress level is slowly going down as finals wrap up, and I have ACTUAL PLANS this weekend that don't involve grading papers and planning lessons. Say it with me people, WOO HOOO!!!

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Bea said...


I've known cats to go on living happily for ages with effusions. One who came in every month to have his chest drained via a small butterfly catheter. Took half an hour at the clinic, kitty didn't mind a bit. Lost touch after 15 months of this, so not sure what happened after that, but still - fifteen months and going strong.

Hope Codi isn't too badly affected either.