Friday, December 01, 2006

Cautiously Optimistic

First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for the well wishes you left in the comments section. It means a lot to me and J.

The best news is that Codi survived the night. I've talked to the vet twice today already and he's "cautiously encouraged" by her progress. The pulmonary edema (fluid in her lungs) has resolved itself. Yay!!! This means that she's not having trouble breathing anymore, so he's been able to get her off the oxygen.

The bad news is that her heart muscles are enlarged, which points emphatically towards heart failure. There's medication we can give her to manage it depending on how well she recovers from this episode, but in the long run, heart failure is still heart failure. She's also not eating yet or moving around much, but that doesn't seem to be concerning the vet too much. Given all the stress her poor little body has been under for the last 48 hours, lethargy is to be expected.

The vet is keeping her with him again tonight and we'll re-assess the situation again tomorrow afternoon. I hope she can come home, but I worry about what could happen if she starts having problems again while J and I are at work.

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