Monday, July 07, 2008


Scene: One year ago, C's OB/GYN's office

Dr. J: I see here that you've gained [insert unspeakably high number] pounds during your pregnancy. I'm concerned that you're going to have trouble taking them off.

C: Pshaw, I gained the weight, I can take it off. How hard can it be to lose [unspeakably high number] pounds when you're running around after a baby and breastfeeding?

Dr. J: Just so we're clear, I'm not going to answer that question for fear that you'll throw something at me.

C: I'll be fine, trust me.

Scene: Last month, in C's bathroom

C: Hmmm... I wonder what I weigh these days? I'll just pull out the old scale and find out.

*steps on scale*



C: That can't be right! I weighed this much when I was 6 months pregnant!


C: I guess all those pints of Haagen-Daz have been adding up. And the Pirate's Booty. And the egg rolls. And every other piece of crap I've shoved into my mouth without thinking about it for the last few months. Fock. I need to go on a diet. Maybe I'll just try eating sensibly on my own. I'll be fine on my own.

Scene: Last weekend

C: Hm, wonder how that DIY diet I've been kind-of sort-of doing is coming along?

*steps on scale*


C: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Two more pounds? What the hell??? "Fine" my ass.

Scene: This morning

*type, type, type*

*type, type, type*

*type, type, type*

C: Okay, it's done. I'm officially a a Weight Watcher. I wasn't "fine" gaining all the weight during my pregnancy, I wasn't "fine" trying to lose weight on my own, and I'm definitely not "fine" weighing this much. Hopefully this works.

End Scene

My hope is that by making my weight loss attempts public I'll be a bit more motivated to stick with it when the novelty of entering every bite that I take into the computer wears off. I'm trying to lose 26 pounds by parent/teacher conferences in early November, which seems do-able all things considered. Today was my first full day on the diet, and I was surprised at how not-hungry I've been. A half cup of pasta with meat sauce can be surprisingly filling, and a serving of sorbet is almost as good as a pint of caramel ice cream after dinner. Baby steps.

Accountability-wise, since Mondays are my official WW weigh-in days, I'm going to start posting here about my progress every Monday as well. Wish me luck!

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Wishing you luck, despite the rain!