Monday, July 14, 2008

Progress Report--Week 1

I fully expected that this entry would be full of whining about how hard it was to stick to a diet, especially since I've never tried to really watch what I eat before. Therefore, I'm pleasantly surprised to report that staying on my Weight Watchers plan has been really, really easy. I've eaten more fruits and vegetables in the last 7 days than I think I have in the last 7 months; realized that most of my favorite foods are still okay to eat as long as I A: don't eat them every day, and B: limit my portions; and upped my activity level. Result? I'm down 4 pounds from this time last week.

Now obviously I'm not going to lose that much every week, but it's nice to know that this diet is really working. My challenge this week is to keep up my good eating habits while having to eat out once a day due to a conference I'm attending. I went over my daily "target" points today without trying at all, so I need to really buckle down if I'm going to do continue my good progress.


M said...

Yay, 4lbs! Go willpower!

Bea said...