Thursday, July 03, 2008

The sound of evil

I hate the ice cream truck. Every afternoon at 3:30 pm it rolls through our neighborhood BLARING the pinwheel song, and every afternoon at 3:31 Luke wakes up from his afternoon nap SCREAMING at the top of his lungs because no amount of white noise can drown out the music.

If he would go down for an earlier nap our problems would be solved, but alas he's steadfastly refused to go down a second earlier than 3:00 for the last month. Other than bribing the driver to skip our street (or at least turn the music down) what other options do I have? Homicide has come to mind, but I think that might be a bit of an overreaction.


ewe are here said...

ugh. The one here drives down the street at dinnertime. Horrid thing.

Bea said...

If I see a group marching under the banner "Parents Against The Icecream Truck" I'll look for you.


M said...

Yeah, we have the dinnertime truck as well. I want to put a sign in the yard that says, come back at 6:30, you idiot.