Sunday, December 07, 2008

Language Explosion

I must say, it's one thing to read in all the baby and toddler books that at some point your child will suddenly start acquiring several new words a day, but it's another thing entirely to witness it. Since our vacation over Thanksgiving, Luke has learned more new words than I can count, and is coming up with new ones every time I turn around. There's no rhyme or reason to the ones he's learning (for example, "down" still eludes him, but "up" and "eyebrow" are current favorites) but tantrums are WAY down around here since he can communicate the basics of what he wants/needs most of the time.

I love this age, I really do.

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M said...

Alleluia! Its so awesome when this starts. Not only is it hilarious to witness someone's language development, things get easier because you aren't always guessing as to what's wrong. yay! Looking forward to the videos!