Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Six Things That Make Me Happy

M tagged me for this meme and specifically asked for Luke pictures, so here goes--six things that make me happy, a photo essay.

1) This face:

Loved mostly because it's simultaneously his "yummy" face and the face he makes when you ask for a kiss. My boy gives kisses! It's really all I can do not to ask for them every five minutes.

2) This face:

Just look at him! Coloring (brief moments of marking the page in between attempts to eat the crayon) and smiling so sweetly it makes my heart melt.

3) Not Luke, but I have to brag about my AP students for a moment. They're just the best group of kids I've ever had the privilege to work with, and I'm particularly proud of the boy who transferred in halfway through the semester and has already surpassed most of his classmates in terms of writing ability. He's going to pass the big test in May, I can feel it.

4) My family:

5) Dancing!

This is unfortunately the best picture I have of Luke dancing. Anytime music comes on the radio (or from one of his toys) Luke dances by shaking his hips. It's simply adorable, and the fact that we have yet to catch it on camera is criminal.

6) January 20, 2009

Can't come soon enough, my friends.


Kathleen said...

Oh, Luke is so sweet! The one of him dancing is priceless. Elanor loves to dance, too. Baby dancing is so adorable.

The pic of the three of you is great, too.

What a fun post!

M said...

Yay! Such a cute, sweet boy. Sure wish he could come over and play...