Friday, December 12, 2008


More memes! I was tagged for this one by MJ which seems quite appropriate since I'm one of the friends who nicknamed her "Quirk" back in high school and the subject of the meme is (what else?) quirks.

In case anyone is wondering, my nickname in high school was A Loof.

Now, on with the meme!

Six of C's Quirks

1) I hate to talk on the phone. I don't know how quirky this really is since it seems like I know an increasingly large number of people who would rather drive large metal spikes into their eardrums than talk on the phone (I blame the internet) but unless you're my parents, you're twenty times more likely to receive an e-mail from me than a phone call. There's just so much pressure on the phone to find interesting things to talk about, versus e-mail where you can ramble on for paragraphs and either go back before hitting the "send" button and delete everything or send it all and rest assured that the recipient will just skim for the good stuff.

2) I have no problem discussing how Macbeth and Harvey Dent (from "The Dark Knight") are remarkably similar characters with my students. In fact, I've had lengthy discussions on the subject with my second period in the last week, and while it may seem like we're goofing off on the surface, I have elaborate character development maps all over the board by the end of those discussions to prove that not only are they both tragic heroes, but that the Batman franchise nails the archetype far more often than Shakespeare ever did. If I can talk about superhero movies and Shakespeare at the same time AND finally get my students to understand the tragic hero, I consider it a good day.

3) If I have M&Ms, I can't just eat them one at a time, I have to eat two so they're even in my mouth--one on each side as I bite down. Same thing with baby carrots, olives, and pretty much anything else bite-sized.

4) I don't like breakfast food unless it's relatively bland. Sausage? No way. Bacon? HATE. Plain toast? Now you're talking. Lunch and dinner, bring on the strong-tasting food, but leave my palate alone before noon OR ELSE.

5) I watch TV out of the corner of my eye. I've done this for the longest time (and if you've been to my house, our family room arrangement might suddenly make sense now that you know this fact about me) and while it's probably partly because I have mild astigmatism, mostly it's just because I find the TV itself is rarely engrossing enough to keep my full attention so I'm always doing something else while watching TV. I'll knit, I'll cross-stitch, I'll play online (sometimes while also knitting or cross-stitching) and watch TV at the same time, just out of the corner of my eye.

6) I don't understand the appeal of "30 Rock." I've tried, I really have, but I just find it contrived and too cute for its own good.

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MJ said...

So awesome that you did this!! Thanks for humoring me.
A couple of comments:
-Don't be surprised if I start buying you Marvel comics.
-I do seem to recall a breakfast long ago at Village Inn (or Dees) where you ordered a breakfast made up entirely of potato side dishes and possibly biscuits. Now I feel like I understand what that was all about. ;)