Friday, May 19, 2006

Fish, and Turtles, and BATS, Oh My!

Yesterday we went up to Baltimore with the in-laws to visit the aquarium and tourist around the Inner Harbor. We had a great time, especially with the fish. I love fish. Rather, I love to look at fish. Swimming with them is an entirely different story, and one that usually involves me pantomiming how I once ran away from a pair of harmless parrot fish while snorkeling in Cancun.

But I digress. Yesterday's fish were in tanks.

Also in a tank was my favorite thing at Baltimore's aquarium. The giant sea turtle. It lives in a huge tank on the ground floor of the aquarium with a whole bunch of stingrays.

I love this turtle.

My second favorite part of the aquarium was the new Australia exhibit. The first thing we saw as we walked in were six or seven big bats, just hanging out around the ceiling.

BATS! Hanging from the ceiling! Right above our heads! It was cool. J's 11 year old nephew thought so too. Then these birds flew by and almost hit my sister-in-law.

It's practically like the outback, only indoors and with a higher concentration of animals. In any case, if you're in or near Baltimore and haven't' been to the aquarium in awhile, I highly recommend it.

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