Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Status Report

Since there are so many crises happening in our lives right now, here's a rundown of today's headlines until I can find the time and energy to write a real post.

1) The contract--fallen through. Our buyers pulled out this morning, which apparently they could do because they didn't initial one thing on the contract. It may be a good thing since they were very high-maintenance and pains in the ass, but it's still upsetting. We have another couple who may make an offer coming over to see the condo for a second time tonight, and I've got my fingers and toes crossed that they want the place. This means that we can't make an offer on the house in our new city unless we get another contract in the next few days. Blech.

2) My dad--released from the hospital. He's doing better, still in a lot of pain and still not very mobile, but he's well enough to go "home" to his hotel room before they head up to DC on Thursday. We're getting him a wheelchair, and hopefully he'll be feeling well enough to go to the graduation on Saturday. The girl who hit him was supposed to be arraigned today on felony hit-and-run chages as well as reckless driving, and I can't wait to hear how that went. I still can't believe this happened to him, and still so glad that he's going to be okay.

3) The family--lots and lots of in-law drama. We're up, down, and all around with Juan's family this week. Too much to go into right now, but we're surviving.

4) The infertility--still out there. I'm now on cycle 14 since we started TTC, after getting a rather emphatic BFN last week. Haaaaaaate being infertile, especially around my pregnant SIL on Mother's Day.

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