Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Roundup

The sellers of the home we want in our new city accepted a second offer on Saturday. This means that we have until COB tomorrow (Tuesday) to waive the contingency in our contract or we'll lose the house. Since we can't swing two mortgages, we're not going to waive the contingency unless we get an offer in the next 24 hours. Both J and I are bummed about it, but not devastated. I think we both knew there was a good chance this would happen, and no matter what we know that we'll eventually get into a great house down there. Probably not THIS great house, though.

In other news, I had a party with my DC friends over the weekend and had a ton of fun even though it was probably the last time I'll see some of them. We laughed, gossiped about girly stuff, and J came home just as we started talking about puberty. Good times. I'm going to miss them all very, very much, and I'm getting a little teary eyed just sitting here writing about them.

Coming up this week I have a follow-up appointment with the RE (my first since the HSG) to talk about next steps. Since they didn't find anything abnormal during the HSG, I'm not entirely sure where we'll go from here. There are more tests that they may want to run, but we don't have much time left here and I'm not entirely sure I want to continue with that clinic.

That's pretty much all that's happening at the moment. Just have to buckle down and push through these next two weeks of work before the family starts arriving for J's graduation.

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