Sunday, February 12, 2006

5 Measley Inches

We got 5 inches, and people are still acting like it's the end of the world.

My parents called a few hours ago, worried about us because all the 24-hour news networks were talking about how bad the storm was and how tens of thousands of people in the DC area are without power. I assured them that we're perfectly fine, that the power went off for a little while last night when we were asleep, but that it's sunny and warm now and the snow is already melting.

Five inches in Utah is nothing. It's Thursday. It happens so often that Mark Eubanks (local weather guy) hardly even bothers to put on his white "snow jacket" when 5 inches is coming. Here, though it makes national news.

Granted, the snow was much worse further north in Maryland, and New York, Pennsylvania, and New England were all hit pretty hard. I'm really glad that I didn't schedule my Boston/Maine trip for this weekend (like I originally planned to) since I'd probably be stranded there right now.

Oh well, it's supposed to hit the 50s by mid-week, and all the snow here will probably be gone by next weekend. Just in time for (guess) our next Open House.

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