Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Update on Arcadia

Apparently Arcadia is really sick, in a lot of pain, has probably been this way for awhile, and we had no idea.

(I'd insert a crying smiley face here if I had one, but I don't, so you'll just have to use your imaginations.)

I'm torn about how I feel. On the one hand, she does cry sometimes when we pick her up and she sometimes runs for her box when we approach her, but on the other hand, she cries about EVERYTHING, and spends most of her time running around, playing with Codi, and rolling on the floor with her toys. She doesn't ACT sick or in pain, but she is. I shudder to think that we almost didn't take her to the vet to get checked out last weekend because we thought we were soooo smart and knew exactly why she was misbehaving.

I also have my suspicions about whether the supposedly ultra-healthy food we put her on last summer has played a part in this. If so, Codi could be having the same problem, but because she's so anti-social and anti-human contact anyway, how would we know?

(more crying smiley faces)

The good news is that the vet thinks she can treat it with medication only, and we can pick her (and her meds, new food, and a few guilt-inspired treats) up tonight. I can't wait to hold my little girl and tell her how sorry I am.

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