Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reason #547 why I shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen

Scene: Our house, Sunday night

That's a kitchen knife. It's impaled on the floor because I dropped it while trying to open a bag of frozen chicken poppers. After dropping it I spent 10 minutes running around the condo trying to find the digital camera just to take a picture of it because really, it's kind of cool.

Here's J, shaking his head because I convinced him to pose his foot next to the knife so it would be easier to see that it is, in fact, sticking up out of the floor. The things we do for love...


Kathleen said...

LOL!!! That is sooooo funny!!

Once a knife that my mom kept in a drawer in the kitchen got jammed into the underside of the counter while it was in the drawer. (Does that make sense?) So we went to open the drawer and we couldn't cause the knife was in there. It took my mom and me several attempts and probably well over an hour to dislodge it.

Still, I think your photo essay here on knife dangers is hilarious!

MJ said...

I'm just glad the knife was impaled in the floor and not in Juan's foot. :)