Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wicked Cool

Finally, the Booston/Maine post! Last weekend was one of the best times I've had in recent memory. I got to hang out with friends, go shopping, eat some excellent food, and just relax.

Kathleen met me at Logan Airport around noon on Friday, and we drove over to the North End for an amazing Italian lunch. We also made it over to Mike's Pastries, a famous Boston bakery where I had the best cream puff ever.

We really wanted to get to Louisa May Alcott's house before it closed at 3:30, so Kathleen brought out some directions she'd printed from Google Maps.

Lesson one: do not trust Google Maps. Ever. You will get lost in the maze that is downtown Boston, have to call someone who will try to give you directions, and end up going the wrong way on a one-way street with cars headed straight for you.

Clearly, the trip was off to an eventful start.

Once we figured out where the right streets were (and Google Maps was so incredibly wrong, I can't even tell you) we made it to the Alcott House, but not before it closed. The gift shop was still open, though, so we went inside and browsed for a few minutes. Kathleen asked one of the women working the register if we could possibly peek inside for a minute, and she refused so emphatically that I was all for getting out of the shop right then and there. Kathleen, however, has a kind of magic hypnosis that she pulls out for occasions just like this (she did the same thing when she came to visit me and Jamila in November and a store she really wanted to shop in was ready to close) and hypnotized the woman into not only letting us peek inside the house, but taking us on a private, 10 minute tour of the entire place.

Lesson two: Kathleen has scary magic powers that thankfully she only uses for good. Most of the time anyway.

After the Alcott House we drove to Walden Pond and acted goofy in front of a statue of Thoreau.

And desire only the simple life

We are clearly very mature adults.

It was getting dark, so we drove up to her house in Maine. I go to meet Brett, and we ate yummy stir-fry while watching the first six episodes of the British series "The Office" (not to be confused with the American version). I feel like I must be the last person in the country to watch this show, but it is so freaking hilarious. It's been three days and I'm still giggling about the stapler in the Jell-o mold.

Saturday we spent the day in Maine, going to the beach

seeing pretty lighthouses

and snarking about other peoples' poor fashion choices.

Lesson four: if you're sneaky about it, you can take a picture of just about anyone without their noticing it.

We also tried to stalk one of Kathleen's former coworkers, but unfortunately he wasn't at his usual watering hole.

We went to dinner that night at an amazing organic woodfired pizza place, and I ate the best pizza of my life. If you're ever in the Portland area, you must go to this restaurant, even if the wait is an hour. It's that good.

Sunday we lazed around in the morning, and Brett made us his grandma's famous pancakes for breakfast. The secret ingredient is apparently sour cream, and they're delicious. Then we packed up the car and headed back into Boston to meet up with our friends Famaya, Zoe, and Zoe's four-month-old daughter Alexandra.

We had a wonderful time (do you see a theme developing here?) and even took Alex on her first Sephora shopping trip. By this time it was getting late, so we headed back to the airport to meet up with our friend Teddy, whose flight from Paris just happened to be landing a couple hours before mine took off.

It was great getting to hang out and essentially take over an airport Starbucks. Then it was time to say goodbye and I headed for home. The weekend was so much fun, and I'm so depressed that it's over. I don't think Kathleen and I shut up the entire time I was there--we had that much to talk about. I'm so happy I went, and we're already planning to get together after we both move this spring.


Jamila said...

hypnotized the woman into not only letting us peek inside the house, but taking us on a private, 10 minute tour of the entire place.

Dude. Again?

stacey said...

Sounds like that was a FABULOUS weekend!!!