Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Random real estate musings

Well, after yesterday's Valentine's excitement, I'm a little pooped! I talked to both my parents last night, and they're really excited about planning their vow renewal. My mom is even going to see if her wedding dress still fits (and I'll be $10 it does).

No open house this weekend, per a phone call from our realtor last night. Apparently there's some big NASCAR race on Sunday. This means that the plague of locusts probably won't arrive until next weekend, since that's when our third/first (depending on how you're counting) tentative open house is scheduled. You've been warned.

Someone came down from Columbia, MD this morning (which is a significant drive) to see the condo, so that's good news. We'll see tonight if they liked it or not. The realtor mentioned something about maybe coming down in price a bit in the next few weeks if we don't get any offers, which J and I are going to have to do some serious thinking about. On the one hand, I really believe we can get what we're asking and it's not like we're in a huge hurry to get the place sold, we just want it done by June 1. On the other hand, we did bump the price up $10,000 from where we originally agreed to list it because a number of units went under contract all at once last month, so bringing it down $10,000 isn't that big a deal. However, $10,000 is still an awful lot of money and I want to get it if we can.

All of that is really boring, though, so to energize myself a bit I started making a list of the things I really want in our next home.

*two stories
*3-4 bedrooms
*2+ baths
*a fenced backyard with at least a little grass and a patio
*a front yard that's been desertscaped (this is Texas after all)
*a 2 car garage
*a little courtyard between the front yard and the entrance
*separate living and family rooms
*a formal dining room
*carpet or tile flooring
*nice neighborhood (which means that bars on the windows are not necessary, which they are in a large part of the town)
*kitchen with lots of counterspace and cabinets
*storage space

Sounds nice, huh?

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