Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Today is a much better day

Hoo boy, I just didn't catch a break yesterday. Work drama, personal drama, and both my lunch and my dinner turned out icky. Note to Whole Foods--brown rice California rolls are gross. Please make an extra tray of WHITE rice rolls just for me on Tuesday nights because some days I need at least one thing to go right.

So far, today is kicking yesterday's ass. By way of keeping score about how much better today is: I didn't have a car accident on the way to work today

Today: 1
Yesterday: 0

I haven't had to make any difficult personal decisions

Today: 2
Yesterday: 0

All in all, I'd call that a successful morning.

That's pretty much it. I know I promosed a big post about my Boston/Maine trip, and I swear it's coming, but I just haven't downloaded the pictures (necessary for the full experience) onto my computer yet. I'll do it tonight, and get the whole thing up in time for AW Thursday.

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