Monday, April 24, 2006

Home again

Success!!! Not only did we find an apartment in Texas, but we placed an offer on a house! It's perfect for us--three bedrooms, lots of living area, HUGE kitchen, and (best of all) a master bathroom that our realtor and I took to calling "the den of iniquity". Two words: whirlpool tub. Plus, the sellers are throwing in their pool table which pretty much sealed the deal for J.

The catch (and of course there's a catch) is that we had to place a contingency offer, and the sellers are apparently very anxious to get the house sold. We haven't heard back from them yet, but my fingers are crossed. We wouldn't be crushed if we didn't get the house, but it would be really disappointing.

In any case, we're sitting on pins and needles here and planning to get even more aggressive about selling our condo. We have a meeting with our realtor tomorrow night to talk about how we can get a buyer this week. Wish us luck!

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