Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Home (again)

The sellers accepted our offer!!! I can't believe it! J and I had pretty much talked ourselves into believing that they'd pass--we know they want to sell ASAP and our offer is contingent on the sale of our condo, but they ACCEPTED IT! Of course, they can still try to sell it to someone else, which I fully expect them to do, but if we can sell our place in the next two weeks, it's ours!

Part of me worries that I'm getting my hopes up too high--after all, we haven't had any offers in the last three months, chances aren't great that we'll get one in the next 14 days even with a dramatically reduced price--but it's hard not to get excited about possibly buying your dream house! We're meeting with our realtor here in Maryland tonight to do the paperwork on our price reduction and to talk about doing everything we can possibly do to get it sold.

In any case, crossed fingers and (dare I say it?) prayers would be much appreciated.


Kathleen said...

You know my fingers are crossed for you...and that I'm praying!!

You never know what might happen...

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you hon!