Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I am such a PITA

Last night I was brushing my teeth, thinking about what I had to do at work the next day, when suddenly I felt a surge of PANIC! I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that our condo hasn't sold yet, our agent is going on vacation for two weeks, and only three people have come through since we dropped the price last week.


Instead of trying to calm myself down, though, I stormed into the study, started ranting at J (who had no idea what was going on) and then stormed back into the living room to call our agent (at 11:00 at night) to brainstorm ways to get more people viewing our place. Thankfully for her, she wasn't near the phone when I called.

Our agent called both me and J this morning, and really reassured me that we're doing a lot to get people in the door. We've just added an agent's incentive (cash the buyer's agent gets at closing) which should increase our foot traffic. We've also sent out flyers and e-mails to every agent who's shown the place since January, and we still have the guy who almost placed an offer back in January hanging out there. He doesn't know what he wants to do yet, but our agent is still talking to his.

I have no idea why I suddenly went into crisis mode last night. We'd like to get a contract before our house-hunting trip to Texas later this month, but it's not necessary. IF we find a house we want to buy, we can always place an offer that's contingent on our selling the condo. We're the lowest-priced unit in our neighborhood, and while the DC-metro market is slow right now, I know that we'll find a buyer. The market in our new town isn't very hot at the moment, so it's unlikely that we'd have a house bought out from under us, and even if we did it wouldn't be the end of the world.

In any case, I'm feeling better about things this morning, and hopefully I don't have any more freakouts like that for awhile.

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