Thursday, April 27, 2006

Still in limbo

Too summarize:

-Still no word from our potential buyer.

-An offer has been made on the house we have a contract on in Texas, but the sellers haven't made a decision yet. Ironically, the people making the second offer want to close in just two weeks, which is too soon for the sellers, but they're worried that we'll have to close too late. HA!

-There's a teeny, tiny chance I might keep my job (at least part of it) after we move, but I won't know anything for awhile.

-I'm in the 2 week wait.

-And J is coming down with a cold.

So, long story short, nerves around here are a wee bit frayed at the moment. Something has to break soon--this limbo literally can't last forever--but I'm worried that it won't be something I'll like.

**And yes, I realize that my blog lately has turned into a neverending cycle of "I'm still not pregnant" and "We still haven't sold our condo" posts, but it's all I'm thinking about right now.

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