Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I feel icky. Not getting-sick icky, and not dirty icky, just icky. I'm bored, I'm frustrated about a number of things (J's insane schedule and the BS our old apartment complex is trying to pull with our refund to name a few) and I just don't feel motivated or inspired lately. I'm fairly sure that this is just a passing ickiness, one that has happened before and will probably happen again, but right now I'm just stuck.

I'm also feeling a fair amount of guilt about how stressed out the cats seem. Arcadia spent all day yesterday (and all day today, from the looks of it) in the upstairs bathroom windowsill. I'm not even sure she had anything to drink or eat in spite of the fact that there's food and water for her and Codi on the second floor. She was so brave on Monday, coming downstairs to investigate Jasper and even hopping up on the bed for attention when he was in the bedroom. Now she just seems content to be antisocial, and I hate that my friendly girl doesn't want my attention.

So, blech. And ick. I know the cats will be okay. They'll cope. Heck, Codi's WAY better today than she was yesterday. And I'll be okay. Maybe I just need to drink more water. It helps to see how happy Jasper is to finally have a home and a family of his own. It also helps that J got his call schedule for August and discovered that he's not on call for the whole month. If that's not reason to celebrate, I'm not sure what is. For now, though, if I'm not posting much it's just because I don't have anything to say other than blech. And ick.

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aah0424 said...

I get in those moods sometime, too! I even feel one approaching right now. Just enjoy ythe new member of your family. I know when we got our second dog last summer it helped me to focus on something other then TTC!