Friday, July 28, 2006

Definitely Not Worst Case Scenario

Well, I'm back! The appointment with Dr. F went very well. There were a few tears (mine) when she asked if we'd tried relaxing, but overall she was very sweet and understanding. She backed WAY off with the "just relax" advice after I told her that not only had we relaxed, but we'd gone on vacation, I'd done accupuncture, and we spent $400 on my mind/body therapy class earlier this year. In the grand scheme of things, I think we've given "just relax" a fair shot, and now it's time to "just get some damn tests already".

Dr. F didn't completely agree with our reasoning about the endometrial biopsy. To her, my spotting issues (and for those keeping score at home, I'm now spotting for 11-12 days during my luteal phase) just screamed low progesterone in spite of the perfectly normal progesterone levels at my last blood draw. She really wanted to write a prescription for Clomid and see what happened, but when I explained my concerns about taking Clomid unmonitored she agreed to let me take progesterone suppositories (don't Google that, Dad) instead. We'll do more bloodwork next month to see if I really need them.

This next part will forever enshrine Dr. F in my Awesome Medical Professionals Hall of Fame. Even though she didn't think it was necessary, she offered to do the biopsy because I wanted it so much. There was a free appointment at 1:00, and did I want to do the biopsy today?

I almost kissed her. This sort of thing NEVER happens in the military medical system. Most of the time you have to wait weeks for any type of appointment because the clinics are so overbooked that they just can't squeeze you in any earlier. She wrote a prescription for some Percoset, sent me upstairs to J's office to relax for an hour, and then she performed the biopsy.

It hurt. Not as much as my HSG, but it hurt. She got a nice, big sample, though, and I should have the results back sometime next week. Our follow-up appointment is August 9. Unfortunately it's not going to be with her because the Army is transferring her to another hospital. Oh well. It's disappointing that I found a doctor I really clicked with only to have her leave after one appointment, but I'll survive.

Now we're home, and I'm curled up on the couch with Jasper and feeling pretty good about things. I'm nauseous as hell from the Percoset, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that we're finally back on track to figure out just exactly what's going on. I'll take pain and nausea any day if it gets me just one step closer to having a baby.

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aah0424 said...

Wow, it sounded so promising that you found a doctor you really liked and then I got to the end where yous aid they are transferring her. I'm sorry that happened and maybe the next one will be even better!