Monday, July 17, 2006

Jasper: Day Two

For a dog who was in a shelter yesterday, Jasper has settled right in to life here. He's currently snuggling up next to me on the couch, enjoying a belly rub. He was a perfect angel in his crate last night (minus one small accident) and hasn't made a peep when the cats come out to investigate. He watches them, but doesn't try to approach them or bark. From my perspective, this is a VERY good sign of how he's going to act when we let him off the leash inside the house.

The cats are somewhat less laid-back about Jasper's presence than he is about theirs. Codi has spent most of the day on top of the refrigerator and Arcadia is electing to live behind the washing machine. I can't say that I blame them for being freaked out, but hopefully over the next week or so they'll stop hiding and start relaxing a bit.

Tomorrow we visit the vet to make sure that Jasper's a healthy boy, and then get him signed up for some obedience classes.

And now for an obligatory AWWWWWWW puppy picture. This was Jasper and Juan, napping together yesterday afternoon.

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