Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wait, are we back in DC?

Ho-ly crap. We had quite a downpour today. Actually, it was more like a flood.

Juan and I were out running errands all day and started driving home around 5:00. It's usually around a 20-25 minute drive to our home on the West side of town from where we were on the East side. It started raining as soon as we got in the car and this is how the roads looked 20 minutes later:

Photo courtesy of KFOX

Excuse me??? This is THE DESERT! Dry, high desert, where it costs a small fortune every month just to keep your grass green! I guess freak weather happens everywhere (the 1998 tornado in downtown Salt Lake City comes to mind) but I had no idea we'd ever have rain like this here.

At least we got off the roads fairly quickly and didn't have the problems that some people had. This picture was taken outside of town around the same time we finally made it home:

Photo courtesy of KFOX

At any rate, we're fortunate that there was no flooding in the house and no damage in the yard. And at least I won't have to drag out the sprinkler for awhile!

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