Sunday, July 16, 2006


So, remember this post? Well, I'd like to introduce you to someone...

Meet Jasper!

J and I had a long talk yesterday and decided that we'd start looking for a dog. Our original plan was to wait until October, but we realized that:

A: we're essentially settled in the house already,
B: the cats are NEVER going to be ready for a dog, so there's really no point in waiting on their account, and
C: I'm not going to be working from home forever, and at least now I can spend all day with the three animals, sorting out any conflicts and making the newest member of our family feel at home.

Then today J's attending physician told him to leave early because he worked too many hours last week. After he got home we both had the same thought--head down to PetSmart to check out their weekly adoption fair. The first dog we saw was Jasper, and we both fell in love. He was quiet but friendly, and when all the other dogs started barking at a terrier that was walking by, he stayed quiet. Interested, but quiet. His foster family listed him as good with cats and kids, and after spending some time with him, we were both sold. An hour later we were dog owners!

So far, so good. The cats are reacting about as well as can be expected. They're still in pretty heavy denial that anything unusual is happening, but are starting to sloooowly approach him to investigate. For his part, Jasper perks up when they're around, but so far hasn't made any moves towards them. My guess is that a week from now he'll be letting Arcadia boss him around just like Codi does.

I love this little guy so much already!

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Red's Mama said...

Congrats on your new baby he is such a cutie! I hope your family ajustment goes smoothly.