Thursday, June 22, 2006


Guess what I woke up to this morning? If you guessed a BIG FAT SCORPION, you would be right.

J didn't have to go in until later than usual this morning, so after he woke up he went downstairs to drink some coffee and check his e-mail. That's when he found this on our couch.


Unlike me, however, J didn't scream or run around like a maniac after finding it. He managed to get it into a plastic cup, took a few pictures to scare me with later, and released it outside. Outside in our yard where I go every single day. In case you were wondering, no this is not my preferred method for dealing with potentially lethal household pests. You're supposed to kill them, make sure they're dead, and then destroy any and all evidence that they were ever there.

The good news is that we already had an appointment scheduled for an exterminator to come out today and he sprayed both inside and outside the house with stuff to kill scorpions, ants, and cockroaches. The bad news is that the scorpion he found is one of the most dangerous ones that lives in this area and we don't know exactly how it got in the house. I HOPE it came in while the movers were bringing our things inside yesterday or that it hid in one of the boxes that had been in storage all month. Hopefully there aren't more of them.

In any case, it's already been a very eventful day, and I haven't even made much headway with getting things unpacked. We have almost everything out of the boxes except for the books (and there are over 20 boxes of books just waiting for me upstairs) and office equipment. With any luck things will look good enough for me to post more pictures by the weekend.

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spark said...

Yikes!!! That would really freak me out!!!!!!!!!!

Hope the critters stay outside from now on.... :)