Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Waiting Game

Well, it's official! We closed on the house this morning! Closing was amazingly easy, especially when compared to our last home buying experience. This time there were no last-minute suprises with the HUD-1, everyone showed up on time, and the woman from the title company was incredibly nice and helpful. None of the above were true when we bought the condo.

BUT, thanks to a weird Texas state law, we have to wait until our bank releases the funds to the title company before we get the keys. We didn't actually know this until last night when we did the walk-through, and it felt a little anti-climactic to sign all those papers and then go back to the apartment. We've got our fingers crossed that our bank is on the ball and does what they need to do this morning so we can start moving this afternoon. Not that there's much to move, but I'm guessing that it'll take at least 3 car trips to get everything we brought with us over to the house, plus we scheduled internet installation and delivery of our bed for this evening.

I suck at waiting...

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