Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Romance didn't die, it just grew up and bought a house

Focking Time Warner Cable Internet can bite me.

Oh, hi there. This was supposed to be a sweet, sappy entry about Juan's and my third anniversary (which is today) but instead I'm going to spend most of it cursing TIME WARNER CABLE INTERNET for being STUPID and NOT WORKING. Gah. We've spent (and by "we" I mean "Juan") several hours and a bazillion cell phone minutes over the last six days trying to get Time Warner to fix our internet service. It goes down every day around 1:00 in the afternoon, and doesn't come back on until after 5:00. The cost to us to have them come out and figure out what's wrong? A cool $200. Ergo, Time Warner can bite me, and we're totally switching to AT&T as soon as we can get them to come out and flick whatever switch needs to be flicked.

In other news, I'm giving the evil eye to anyone who dares to walk without clean socks on my shiny, clean hardwood floors that I spent 2 hours this afternoon Swiffering and mopping with Murphy's Oil Soap. Murphy's Oil Soap is the bomb. I love it.

About that anniversary thing--I feel like an enormous heel. Juan went in early this morning to try to get some personnel stuff sorted out, and I left him a somewhat snippy voicemail around 10:00 asking if he was going to call me at some point to let me know about how the personnel stuff was going. About five minutes later the doorbell rang and it was a florist with a big bouqet of roses, just for me. From Juan. Because it's our anniversary. I, on the other hand, didn't get him anything except very clean hardwood floors. Me = enormous heel.

I suppose that I did let him buy a big grill over the weekend, but that was less a present from me than from my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad! We haven't cooked inside since we brought it home!

Tonight we're going out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, and then tomorrow our furniture arrives. Hopefully Juan is able to get off the phone with FOCKING TIME WARNER CABLE INTERNET soon and we can start enjoying our anniversary. Happy three years to us!

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Kathleen said...

Internet providers suck. Hence the reason why we don't have internet at home yet.

I'm sorry. If it's any consolation, I'm in the same (if not, then a very similar) boat. Maybe we'll both get (working) internet soon...I hope...