Saturday, March 11, 2006

A preview of my new life

We had one of J's classmates and his wife over for dinner tonight. They're moving to Texas too, and it's very likely that we'll be spending a lot of time together for the next few years. J and his classmate are good buddies, but his wife and I didn't know each other at all before tonight. They also brought their 13 month-old daughter, who is just cute as a button.

The dinner was fun, and we spent most of the evening watching how the baby interacted with our cats. Codi and Arcadia did extremely well with her--they let her "pet" them, didn't freak out when she screamed in excitement, and generally acted like model pets. Little stinkers clearly had their best manners out for company.

It was hard to be around a baby, especially one who was all smiles and giggles and who decided towards the end of the night that I was the only one she wanted to play with. Still, I did better than I expected, and I'm really glad that they brought her. My current philosophy is that I can't just shut myself off from the rest of the world--dealing with my feelings in isolation isn't going to make me feel better. Tonight was important because I didn't let the fact that a baby was there keep me from enjoying myself. Knowing that I can do that is definitely helping me keep my sprits up at the end of this eleventh month of TTC.

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